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Laptops Buying Guide

Laptop-Buying-Guide-2012Laptops buying guide 2017 (updated)

A laptop is a boon for students, executives and even home users who want something really compact with which they can move about indoors. Most laptops have built-in webcam, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which usually isn’t a feature of desktop PCs. Today you can buy a decently powerful laptop for under Rs 25,000. You get a i3 processor, at least 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB hard disk, DVD writer and a 14-inch or 15.6Inch display. This configuration is ideal for students and home and office users who want a laptop for just basic applications and light entertainment. At increasing price points you get additional features and more powerful hardware such as larger display, better processor, discrete graphics, more RAM and storage space, USB 3.0 ports, and so on.

Various brands offer multiple combinations of these hardware at various price points. Accordingly the models fall under the brand’s budget, mainstream, entertainment, high-end and gaming segments. When buying a laptop you have to select the ideal combination of hardware that suits your needs and budget. With various brands offering dozens of models to choose from, deciding on the ideal model can be a bit confusing.

It’s all the more difficult with older generation models selling at a very low price and the attractive schemes offered by the vendors. If you’re planning to buy a laptop or recommend a model to someone, here are some tips that will help you make the correct buying decision. After all, it’s an expensive investment that you will use for the next few years down the line.


Latest Hardware: Make sure you get the latest generation hardware, especially the CPU. Newer Intel Core CPUs can be identified by four-digit model numbers; older generations models had three-digit numbers. Unless older laptops are available really cheap, we suggest sticking to the latest platform for better service and availability of spare parts.

Screen size vs portability: Laptops with smaller display are lighter and easier to carry, but a large screen (for example 15.6-inch) offers better viewing comfort and allows for a larger keyboard. Good ergonomics with a smaller screen (for example 13.3-inch) is challenging for the manufacturer.

Discrete Graphics: When it comes to accelerating video playback and adding filters to videos while transcoding, GPUs are more efficient than the processor. Entry level GPUs such as AMD Radeon HD 6470M and Nvidia GeForce GT 520M are good for media playback, and the Radeon HD 6630M and GeForce GT 560M are good for gaming.

Form and Design: In additional to the budget, you may also want to give priority to the form and design. If you want a road warrior that’s extremely light, then make sure the battery life is not compromised. If you want extreme durability, you can choose from the Panasonic Toughbook or Dell Latitude ATG and XFR series of rugged laptops.

Try before you buy: The lap[top’s design and configuration look attractive in advertisement, but you cannot judge the build, display, audio quality and ergonomics unless you have a look and feel. The best place to try out laptops is a mall or a brand’s exclusive store. Physically assess the construction, keyboard, mouse, and audio.

Getting a good deal: A simple way to get a good deal is to note the prices of the same configuration offered by the top brands in the market. Settle for the one selling for the best price, of course after weighing the pros and cons. Also take into consideration additional features and ongoing offers.

Extra features are a bonus: Features such as USB 3.0, eSATA and FireWire ports differ between models. Consider these features as bonuses. They will come in very handy in the future, with high-speed storage devices. Some vendors offer free laptop bags, portable speakers, external DVD writers and laptop mice. These are most welcome.

Under 25k Laptops available at your favorite online stores.

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87 thoughts on “Laptops Buying Guide”

  1. wingeek says:

    Tell me the cheapest laptop in India with Nvidia gt560m. Please please

    1. Jin2 Mdi says:

      Hey Wingeek,

      You may opt for a assembled laptop at an affordable/low price with your desired graphic card or so.
      But, consider the pros and cons of the selected parts before. Consult.
      Hope it helps you.

  2. arun says:

    i am thinking to buy hcl me 1014 laptop. is it a good deal for me. also pls inform about some good laptops in a price range of 25000. waiting for your reply…

    with love,

    1. admin says:

      HCL ME 1014 good choice with in price range of Rs.25K. But you can also consider Toshiba Satellite C640-14014(14’inch/I3/2GB/500GB/Free DOS at 24500/-)

  3. peter says:

    i am thinking to buy a new laptop in range o from 40k to should have nice hardware & graphic card. i mostly use it media ,modeling ,designing stuff alot . plz suggest some suitable laptops in this range…..

  4. sudha says:

    please suggest me
    i wanna buy a laptop under 30k which laptop i will go for
    should i go for dell or lenovo or else

    1. admin says:

      Lenovo Z370 or Dell 14R i3 laptops

  5. girish says:

    i am thinking of buying laptop of the price range between 35k -40k with best latest features which brand can i look for

    1. admin says:

      Lenovo Essential G570 & Dell Inspiron 15R (N5050)

  6. Aleem.Md says:

    Hi Gud Eveng…..

    Any one can please let me know which is the best laptop to purchase……

    1. admin says:

      What is your budget ?

      Best Choice Lenovo IdeaPad Y570

  7. Sudha says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am looking for 30 to 35K laptop. Which one should be better among Acer TimeLinex and Dell Inspiron 15R…?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. lokesh says:

    HI, I wish to buy a laptop in range in range of 30k upto 33k, can you suggest some laptops, gaming card would be a great bonus!!
    n I have always heard negative things about Acer n Lenovo are they worth buying??

  9. rick says:

    I wanted to know whether Lenovo ideapad y570 or y470 is available in India with Nvidia 555m gpu?
    Thanks in advance.

  10. lakshmi says:

    Plz guide me to purchase a laptop

  11. Akshay says:

    Hey admin ! i hv a budget b/w 50 to 80k but m confused which one to buy, which one shud i go for? pls suggest! nd also , m an architecture student,pls refer me some lappys!

    1. Best Laptops says:

      @ Akshay
      Below for your choice with ur budget.
      1) Dell XPS 15z
      2) HP Envy 17 3D
      3) Lenovo IdeaPad Y570

  12. Al says:

    Which is the best buy in a price range of 20-25000 Rs?

  13. Rahul says:

    @ sir… i have budget b/w 40k to 50k…..just give me one name which i just go and buy without thinkin much and don’t regret….i am too much confused by so much options available… must have good service…

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Dell XPS 15 laptop and price starts from Rs.45,900

  14. joseph says:

    hey..i would like to buy a laptop in the rang 25k-35k..usb 3.0 is required..preferably i5 processor..good battery backup and durability..suggestions please..
    thank you..

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Hi Joseph

      With in your budget Acer Aspire 5750G with USB 3.0

  15. anakshi says:

    hello sir…
    i am looking for a laptop with configuratn 4gb ram,above 500 gb hd ,i5,2.5 ghz clock speed,light weight ,long battry,smooth touchpad and keyboard and in bonus if i get usb 3 port and dvd writer then it ll work best for me…
    my range is from 40k-55k..nt wana go for acer or toshiba or sony vaio.
    please suggest..

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Acer Aspire TimelineX Series Laptop

      1. anakshi says:

        sir,but i dont want acer , toshiba and sony vaio.
        any other option. ???

        1. Best Laptops says:

          Sony VAIO E Series or S Series Laptop…

  16. Ajeesh says:


    Could you please suggest me laptops with good performance between 25k to 30k budget. My specification are i3, 2 GB or more of RAM, 320 GB hard disk, DVD writer, good keyboard and tpad, (i do a lot of typing), decent battery, Dvd writer, large screen.

    I would appreciate if you can provide me with at least 3 options.

    Thank you.

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Hi Ajeesh,
      1) Lenovo IdeaPad Z Series is a good choice for long time typing..But it’s not under your budget and the price start from 35K..
      2) HP 630 (Ci3/ 4GB/ 320GB/ Win7) Laptop
      3) Lenovo Essential G Series G560 Laptop

  17. Arun says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking to buy a laptop immediately. Could you please suggest me a trouble free laptop, with good build quality and design under 32K. I would be using this for 6 to 8 hours on a daily basis. I have never used a laptop earlier, so i would look for any suggestions or tips you may have to offer, i.e; what are the most important things I should know in handling and taking care of the laptop

    I am a freelancer and i would be using this for my work. I will not be playing games on it. Might play some movies and songs.

    Specification i am looking for
    C i3 or i5, Win7, 2 to 4 GB, 320 to 500 GB, USB 3, 15″, DVD, Long battery, good keyboard and touchpad, good screen resolution, good looking.

    Thank you,
    Arun N

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Hi Arun,

      We suggest increasing your laptop budget to Rs.40,000 as you can get a good range of laptops within that price point.
      Some Suggestions
      1)Dell Inspiron 15R -Rs37,000
      2)HP Probook 4530S -Rs38,000
      3)Lenovo Idea pad Z570 -Rs39,500

  18. Rakesh says:


    Can you suggest me a good laptop under Rs. 35000. I checked with some of the suggestions that you have mentioned above, but these laptop reviews show certain glitches.

    I’ll be using my laptop for long hours in a single day. I provide caption services so the primary uses for this laptop will be streaming videos and downloading videos and tasks like running multiple programs and processes at the same time, browsing the net, messaging, email, chat, music, digital videos and movies, and other general computer use.

    Specifications :-
    Windows 7
    i5 processor
    4GB RAM
    320/500 GB HDD
    15.6″ inches
    Long battery
    USB 3

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Hi Rakesh,
      All 15inch Laptops given the battery life upto 2 to 3 hours only. you can better to take dell 15R series…

  19. sumanth says:

    I am looking to buy a laptop with 3rd gen i5 processro. Dell or Lenove which is good??? I am looking at Z580 of Lenova and dell… Plz help

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Good choice Lenovo Z580

      1. Mohit says:

        I want to know about who is best in sound quality and battery backup among Dell 15 R and Lenovo z 580. Both are with same configuration of c15, 3rd gen, 500 gb, 4gb ram.

  20. chetan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking to buy a laptop with 3rd gen i5 processor. Dell New Inspiron 15R or Lenovo z580, which is good ??
    I heard that Lenovo laptops are not reliable and give lot of battery problems. Also Lenovo’s A.S.S is not good.

    But i am getting a better configuration in Lenovo than Dell for the price. Please help me in choosing the laptop between these two.


    1. Best Laptops says:

      You can better to take Lenovo laptop becz it is hard and low cost in case of dell, it is sensitive and high cost for gaming inspirion is taken when compare to both lenovo is best choice to take.

      All 15inch Laptops given the battery life upto 2 to 3 hours only.

      For support wise, Obviously Dell is recommended compare to Lenovo ASS..

  21. Ashish says:

    Please suggest laptop in range 35k to 45k high in performance and better battery life and that should also support some engineering softwares like labview and some networking simulators….

  22. pratik says:

    looking for a 14″ laptop at around 50k…. what wud you recommend….
    i do not require a gaming laptop but something thats light, stylish and reliable

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Dell 14XPS

  23. preetam says:


    I am also facing the same confusion as chetan,dell 15r or lenovo z580. I liked the finishing and configuration also. But my father insist on dell due to it’s services. Do lenovo lack in services that much???
    please help me in this regards.

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Lenovo have good ASP…

  24. PAVAN RATHOD says:

    i want to buy laptop range between 30k to 35k
    with 2nd gen processor, 4gb ram ,500gb hdd 15.6″ inches, Long battery, DVD ,USB 3, inbuilt graphics ,
    i got confuse with brand like dell, lenovo, hp, samsung which one suet best for me….. sagest best laptop to buy

  25. sam says:

    hello ….can you suggest me some good laptop with following features awesome HD playback, hdmi ,1 gb graphics card and blu ray drive…..budget is 35k …can go upto 45k

  26. Rahul says:

    Can you tell why you are suggesting lenovo z580 over new dell inspiron……….plz explain on basis of configuration and are lenovo laptops a bit rugged compared to dell or not? also i heard that amd radeon in dell is better as compared to nvidia gt 630m in lenovo z580…

  27. Akshay says:

    sir, i want to buy a laptop at 30k -35k. & i am intrested in hcl & lenovo. Can u suggest me which one is the best.. & also suggest 2 or 3 models…

  28. aftab alam says:

    Hello sir,

    I want to buy a expensive laptop of price tag between 60k to 75k. Please provide me names of some popular laptops. Some of the Specifications that i definitely need in my laptop are :-
    Intel i7 processor (2nd or 3rd gen)
    8 GB of RAM (which is expandable up to 16 GB)
    HDD between 750 GB to 1 TB
    Windows 7 home premium
    Screen size must be 15 inches or more
    Long battery backup
    Optical drive (blu ray drive, if available)
    High Graphics card
    hd webcam
    multi gesture control touchpad
    Ports :
    USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
    VGA Display port
    Multi media card reader
    Full-sized Radiance backlit keyboard
    Gigabit Ethernet LAN
    Wireless LAN WiFi

    And also tell me that which laptop you recommend the most among them at this price point.

  29. anakshi says:

    sir….i got a deal…from croma stores.
    dell inspiron 14 /4050 i5,4gb ram,1 TB hd,1 gb gc in 42000. wat do u think i should grab the deal…or there are chances of piracy of features.

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Good config..

  30. Sagar says:

    im looking to buy a laptop wich can go upto 45K havin 15inch n I5 processor…..suggest me few best options

  31. PREAM says:

    hello sir i want to buy laptop under 35k. which is best to buy, i m confused with lenovo g570 and hp pavilion g6. which is best

  32. nanthu says:


    I would like to buy a good laptop which is having the latest processor (prob i5), good performance with all the new features. I not going to user for gamig purpose. Home+ Businees purpose. suggest a few good ones between 35 to 45 K range. (only 14′)


  33. Neil says:


    I am looking to buy a Laptop within 45k. config i5, HD display, 4gb ram. Am confused between Vaio, Lenovo, HP and Dell. Usage will be for home. Please can u recommend a brand which will be the best one?

    Thank you

  34. Aravindan says:

    Am a doctor & I need a laptop for viewing medical videos , checkin mails , occasional use of ppt & word/xls documents. Had a hp compaq presario until recently (5 years old).Is an i3 or i5 processor mandatory for the above or dual core would suffice . suggest something with price < 35k

    1. Best Laptops says:


      With in u r budget i3/i5 laptops available in market.
      you can choose any one from below. thanks
      1) Dell Inspiron 15 R
      2) HP Pavilion G6

  35. Karishma says:


    I want to buy a laptop within the range 30k to 35k with the following config;
    Intel i3 or i5 processor
    Long battery life
    4 GB of RAM (expandable)
    500 GB HDD
    windows 7 home basic
    Please suggest

  36. aditya says:

    Hi i want to buy laptop suggest me best from this or other
    HP Pavilion G6-1117TX
    Lenovo G570
    Lenovo IdeaPad Z580/Z570
    Sony VAIO E Series VPCEH36EN
    Dell Inspiron 15R 2nd Gen Ci3

    1. Best Laptops says:

      Lenovo IdeaPad Z580/Z570

  37. aditya says:

    hi sir, i got a deal
    Sony VAIO E Series SVE15115EN AT 37K,
    Acer V5 At 40k
    HP Pavilion G6 at 33k
    and dell inspiron 15R at 37k
    which is best to select they offered same config as
    OS: Windows 7
    Proc: i3 processor 2nd gen
    4GB RAM
    500 GB HDD
    15.6″ inches
    1Gb Graphics
    plz suggest best one

  38. Disha says:

    Lenevo IdeaPad z570 or HP Pavilion G6 ?
    Also suggest some other laptops < 40k

  39. ashish says:


    i want to buy a ultra book i am going fro hp envy 4 , but want to know is it worth to buy that for programming purpose, Kindly suggest me some options; i need configuration as follows:

    2nd gen i5 processor, 4 or 6 gb ram , 128 to 500 gb hard disk

  40. Ramanan says:

    Hi, I want the best deal for the following config:
    i5/4gb/500gb/windows 7/15.6″/ graphics card optional
    Budget: 35k to 42k
    Suggest me please

  41. priyanka says:

    i want a system in range 32k-38k with processor speed of 2.50ghz and long battery power..plz suggest me the best

  42. EKta says:

    Hi, I am comparing lenovo ideapad Z580 and Dell inspiron 15r. Both have the same specs. The price difference is not major. My only concern is which would be a best choice from both and which would be long lasting? Dell, i have heard of keyboard problems and lenovo, i have heard of battery problems. Please suggest!

  43. karamveer says:

    How about sony vaio e series .. cost 38k ?

  44. vijay singh says:

    Sir I’m looking for a lappi having following config. :

    -i7 / 500Gb HD / Min. 4gb RAM /Inbuilt graphic card / 14inch /
    -Good sound quality as well
    -My budget 35k-40 k.

    Can you plz help me out which Model suits me.

  45. jigar says:

    hey . .i want to buy new lpe. . .only 4 graphic . . .which one best. . .i3 or i5/ . hp or lennvo. .price up to 40

  46. john says:

    i want a laptop priced between 25k to 30k..
    please suggest me a good one in my budget,

  47. ikram says:

    hellow sir i am in a confusion btween lenovo ideapad z580 and dell new ispiron 15r….. which is the best choice pls suggest me thank you

    1. Best Laptops says:

      go for ideapad z580

  48. ikram says:

    But sir i have heard that dell service is best….sir please tell me what is the major diffrence between these 2 laptops and why i hav 2 go for lenovo z580 why not dell new inspiron 15r as they both costs same… thank you

  49. RAMPRAKASH says:


  50. Arun says:

    I’m a software engineer, currently using a DELL Studio 15 laptop with Dual Core Proc. Want to change to the latest future-ready laptops.
    As I’ll be using it for software development, the specs I’m looking for are – i5 or i7, Win7, 4 to 6 GB RAM, 500 GB to 1 TB HDD, at least 3 USB 3.0 ports, 15″, DVD burner, long battery, good keyboard and touchpad, good screen resolution, good looking. Please suggest.

    1. Best Laptops says:

      1) Dell XPS 15z
      2) Lenovo IdeaPad Y570

  51. bhavya says:

    sir , im an engineering i want to buy a laptop from range 35 k to 40k with latest processor . can i go for lenovo ideapad y470. how is dat? and if not suggest me a good one immediately

  52. srinivas says:

    Looking for a laptop which I can gift for my parents. Their main use will be the video calling and watching movies. looking for a good laptop with good webcam. Please suggest any good model

    1. Best Laptops says:

      I’d suggest you take a look at DELL’s New Inspiron 15R. The 15.6″ Ci3 or the 15.6″ are both great machines. Those prices are approximate, DELL is having a good sale and service support.

  53. Kousihk says:

    which is the best for a college student an ultrabook or a laptop?

  54. ravi teja says:

    I’ve been in a lot of confusion about the best one I should go for
    I’m confused between z580, 4540s probook, and u310 from Lenovo!
    Which one is the best or can you please suggest a laptop under 47k with i5 3rd gen! I will not be using the laptop for gaming purposes. Please help

  55. Kavya says:

    sir… am a student ,planing to buy a laptop under27K. Please suggest me the best laptop, with better storage space and with i3 6th gen processor and windows 10. It would be nice if it has an attractive design…

  56. 94Dina says:

    Hi admin, i must say you have hi quality content here.
    Your website can go viral.

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